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 Sanmathi Ethical Digital Literacy 

Most of the children and youth we are working with do not have access to basic computer skills development opportunities from an early age.


In a world where power is increasingly held by those who hold the “digital reins,” this disadvantage serves to dramatically widen the gap between “the haves” and the “have-nots." Without digital skills, young people are ill-prepared for tertiary education or other vocational possibilities. This disadvantage traps them in a cycle of poverty, and could also increase risk of child marriage, susceptibility to trafficking, child labour, gang involvement, and a myriad of other potentially negative and damaging outcomes.

We're excited to extend the opportunity of learning digital skills through the Basis Learning Centre that we host, in partnership with Maarga.


At the same time, we wish to emphasize "sanmathi" - the need for a wise, discerning heart. We see internet safety and boundaries in regards to social media and time spent on devices as critical to mental health and development.

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