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Global Concerns India (GCI) was founded by two friends, Brinda Adige and Alastair Christie George (late) in 2005. Their objective: to create spaces to initiate, advocate, synchronize, and organize activities that ensure human justice and dignity.


GCI was born out of extensive field and advocacy-based pioneering actions of courage, deliberations, and discussions of ground realities, while intervening on issues that affect the marginalized and less privileged sections of society every day.

GCI supports and advocates for children and women’s rights and responds to crisis and distress calls from children and women facing any form of violence.

GCI staunchly believes in women’s leadership as the way to  bring about justice and transformation. GCI extends support for education of children and works toward alleviating poverty.

GCI believes in the need to showcase courageous initiatives and sustainable best practices related to making a difference in the lives of people, especially children and women.

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