Global Concerns India

We are a registered not-for-profit organization, working on issues of human rights, gender equality and education.


About Us

About Us

We are involved in addressing cases of violence against children and women, rescue of children and youth trafficked, enrollment of children from poor and vulnerable sections of the society to formal schools assisting children in holistic and lifelong learning, transformative leadership programs with women elected to panchayats and training workshops.


We believe, that raising our voices against any form of violence and treating people with respect and dignity should become part of our lives and is a principle each of us lives by. This is the reason for a registered organization called Global Concerns India and the Community based collective called ANANYA Makkala & Mahila Okkuta.

Our Vision

To mobilise children and women through transformative leadership with values to be enabled to initiate, advocate and be empowered to build just, equal and inclusive communities. 



To mobilise people with special focus on women, children and the marginalised to be leaders with values, transforming every sphere of life by empowering themselves to be change agents abd engage with the governance of their cities and villages, systematically addressing equality and justice and to be connected to making conscious choices to being in harmony with the environment and nature. 





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