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Inside each of us are powers so strong, treasures so rich,
so endless, that, to command them all to action

would change the lives of people less privileged.


We invite you to celebrate life with us!

GCI Programs

 The Schooling Project 

The Schooling Project supports 980 children in formal schools annually.


The children come from challenging circumstances and difficult backgrounds. Many are rescued from child labour, some are rescued from trafficking, and a majority are at risk of being trafficked. Many have been forced to drop out of school and are counselled, along with their families, to re-join school.

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Combatting Human Trafficking

GCI collaborates with local government departments and like-minded NGOs and movements, making it possible for communities to access provisions from the government as well as promote education and awareness of human trafficking.

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 Ananya Children's Creativity Centre 

"Ananya" means "unique"

GCI believes every child is unique and gifted; their dreams are to be encouraged!

Our Ananya Children's Creativity Centre opened in the L.R. Nagar slum in March of 2020.


Ananya supports children from ages 4 and up every day, seven days a week.

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Sanmathi Ethical Digital Literacy 

"Sanmathi" means "wise discerning heart"

Our Sanmathi Ethical Digital Literacy program kicked off in November of 2021.


In partnership with Basis and Maarga, children and youth between the ages of 13-18 gain digital skills and the wisdom needed to integrate the technology of our times into their thinking and decision-making.

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